Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Our MRI systems portfolio provides the solutions you need for today's imaging challenges.

Experience consistent image quality for all your applications.

Clinical Solutions

Support your day-to-day needs and working practices in MRI.

Upgrades & Conversions

Increase your patient throughput and enjoy many more years of state-of-the-art MRI imaging.

Coils & Options

Safeguard your investment for the entire lifecycle of your system.

MRI Cardiac Care

Philips offers a full set
of MR solutions for your cardiovascular patients.

Clinical Research

Our Achieva 7.0T MRI research system provides a stable, optimized platform for advanced clinical research.

MRI Education

We provide you with general healthcare education and MRI specialized training on Philips Healthcare technology.

MRI Community

Visit our online community to share clinical experiences, optimize results, and learn from peers around the globe.

Workflow Solutions

The MR capabilities of IntelliSpace Portal give you access to a broad range of advanced visualization applications in your preferred environment.


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